St Ayles Skiff 249

At the end of 2019 Alan Thorne proposed that we become involved with a rather more ambitious programme to build a St Ayles Skiff, a twenty two foot coastal rowing skiff, as a community boat building project in the Purifier. 

We enthusiastically endorsed this idea and have given substantial financial support to the Cinque Ports Rowing CIC, that Alan has formed with Jude Sach, to deliver the first of these skiffs, named “Avocet”, to be launched on Faversham Creek on the 29th May 2021.

So we now have a fleet of six “Julies” (designed by Gavin Atkin), we share Avocet (a St Ayles skiff) with Cinque Ports Rowing and we also share one fifteen foot “Joansa” skiff (designed by John Welsford) with Alan Thorne’s The Purifier Yacht & Dinghy Company.

Faversham Creek Trust