In recent years, the concern for the quality of water in our Rivers and Seas has grown. Any visions for the future of Faversham Creek had always been built on the assumption that water was safe enough for leisure and commercial activities, and able to support wildlife. A local group of individuals with the expertise and commitment, along with an active Green Party with Town and Borough representation, came together to form FavWat. The name was chosen as an expression of Faversham community’s interest in water quality and also echoed the shortened version of Office of the Water Regulator, OfWat, writes Andrew Sweeney.

FavWat suggested that local activists would be able to care for the water quality in our Creek, something OfWat has failed to do. Their aim is to improve the quality of water in the Creek by lobbying for cleaner water and influencing stakeholders to get involved. The first step is to get a clearer picture of levels of sewage, nitrates, phosphates and ammonia by conducting regular water tests. Data is showing the levels of chemicals in the water are higher than they should be.  FavWat are looking into e-coli testing for the future. FCT and FavWat are also exploring the potential for large scale reed beds (see opposite page) as a secondary water treatment. If you are interested in volunteering please contact:  membership@swale.greenparty.org.uk

Faversham Creek Trust