Vision For Faversham Creek Basin

Now that it begins to look likely that we will get an opening bridge, thoughts turn to the potential of the Basin to be the lively centre of activity on the Creek. The Vision here, written by Griselda Musset and Debbie Lawther for the Trust and Marion Barton and Rosie Eagleson of Where’s Our Bridge, describes the developments we will be working towards.

Faversham Creek Vision 04.02.2019
Appendix 1 Optivo report on North Preston Estate
Appendix 2 Creek business case report FINAL 2014
Appendix 3 Creek Trust report copy
Appendix 4 Suzanne Moore
Appendix 5 is not available for online publication at present.
Appendix 6 2013 survey of shopkeepers
Appendix 7 North Preston estate
Appendix 8 AOB letter
Appendix 9 Basin map

Latest News

New Rowing Club Open Days – Have-a-go!

  The new Faversham Rowing Club, based for the moment in the Trust’s Purifier Building, is running two open weekends for people to have a go at rowing. The Trust’s newly launched skiff Avocet will be available. The invitation is...

St Ayles Skiff ‘Avocet’ Launched

The Mayor of Faversham, Cllr Alison Reynolds, took to the oars wearing her gold chain of office when the town’s first coastal rowing skiff ‘Avocet’ was launched in the Creek on Saturday. The boat was commissioned by the Creek Trust. Cheered...

Plant Sale 29 May at the Purifier Building

Our annual fundraising plant sale will be at the Purifier Building on Saturday 29 May from 10am – 3pm. Donations of labelled plants would be very welcome: bring them along on the day. If you would like to help run...

Cooksditch Stream Cleanup

Huge congratulations and thanks to Lesley Seager and her team of volunteers and supporters (including the Town Council) for their work in cleaning the rubbish out of Cooksditch. This ancient little waterway runs down from beside the Rec, behind the...

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